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    secur320.dll ?

      Anyone ever hear of this as a trojan or malware? My last scan said that the QT for this failed, but no directory/path to try and find it to clean it. Everything I've found online is for secur32.dll (no 0).
      My previous scan also said 4 trojans detected in the report, but also in the report summary that scrolls through, only 1 virus removed. (See ATTACHMENT) What gives?  I've been having problems with my computer rebooting even though I told it to shut down, and it's running slower than molasses. But all my other scans (except the one below) said nothing found. Any suggestions???
      Thanks in advance!   R.
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          Not sure why the difference unless the 1 mentioned was for the scan that was running when you took the pic? Have you checked reports and history options in navigation?


          Run some of the following both stingers the getsusp and malwarebytes and see if they detect anything.


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            Peter M

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            I see only the report which you could have posted as an image using the Camera symbol.  (Click to enlarge)




            There is no such thing as perfect protection software unfortunately so it's wise to keep some extra software handy just in case, see here, particularly the FREE 3rd Party Tools section:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2168


            However if VirusScan caught somthing it should be sitting in Quarantine.


            Click Navigation at top right of the interface.


            Click Quarantined and Trusted Items in the list below


            Click the sections to expand...anything caught recently will be there.

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              I've got and run both MWB and Ad-Aware, and they both detect zero problems......which is always frustrating to this sorta-newbie when trying to troubleshoot the bugaboos. It's an older rev, but I still have a fakealert stinger from the McAfee tech loaded that I've tried a couple of times in order to try and find the one that got away from the QT process. But I'll try the ones you've suggested. Maybe they'll find the critter again.


              To Ex_Brit: Thanks for the feedback. I tried the image capture, and b/c I did the screen capture into .docx, it wouldn't download here. So I changed 'em but they took up too much room, w/too much white space, so I did it as an attachment.

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                Peter M

                Understood re: the image.   Always download a fresh copy of Stinger - whatever the type, regular or fake alert, as it doesn't have a built-in updater and the one on the servers is updated almost daily as far as I know.


                Good luck by the way. ;-)


                Did you try System Restore to before this happened?  That's my favourite 'escape clause'.   If you use it don't forget to immediately apply any updates to Windows and of course McAfee.