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    Mcafee Total showing green but not working


      Hi, I thought to let others know of ths problem in case they think they are protected.

      A few days my computer got infected while browsing (no download was carried out). The virus was called ZeroAcces, & Mcafee Total reported Real Time scanning was turned off in red. This would turn off within seconds of being turned back on. I decided to do a scan & the scan would "appear" to work but in reality was only scanning a few files & reporting complete & no viruses present. I tried to run Stinger but that was blocked, as was Malware programme.  Anyway I tried a couple of virus detectors from another trusted site as there didn't appear to be any answers here. I had to run them about 5-6 times before it said no viruses found in rootkit.

      After this the Mcafee Total shield looked normal & the main window displayed green with "Your computer is Secure." In reality this was false as ALL the feature pages when opened would show the tab - Turn On - & when selected would give the blue button saying done & selecting this closed the page with the green ok screen. When feature pages were checked they were back to - Turn On.

      I did a safe boot & checked c drive, this appeared to work as it took a long time. The message at the end of scan was no viruses found. My elation was short lived as I still had the same problem, Green ok screen, no cd/dvd drive, no internet connection.

      Mcafee Virtual Technician was no good without the internet. Tried both the Stinger & FakeAlert Stinger, these ran this time but problems still there.

      I finally worked through the registry files & finally managed to get the cd/dvd to work as another virus remover I wanted to try needed the Recovery Console in place. Ran that & it said it found ZeroAccess (surprised as 3 different scans said no viruses found). Anyway this appeared to fix the problem, but have to say that all the problems outlined are still there!

      Tried sfc /scannow, but not confident it did anything.


      One thing I forgot to say is that straight after the infection, the Device Manager would only show a white screen with the busy hourglass, & the service.exe running at 92+ & probably due to the fact that the Device Manager is busy. Selecting the Add Hardware gives the message "You can only install only one device at a time."


      If I uninstall Mcafee Total, can I download the complete programme on another computer & burn on disc?

      I have Mcagent.exe & Agent.exe running, how do I uninstall these?

      Is there a way of knowing what the computer is trying to install & stop it, so I can get the CPU levels back down? (100% with service.exe over 92, stopping many startup progs. or services has no effect)

      Can I get back online without uninstalling Aol?


      Last Mcafee update  was on 19th October, day of infection. Windows XP.


      Appologies for the long post, & hope no-one has the same problem.