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    Deactivation of McAfee Total Protection for an unexpired active subscription

      My wife recently received the McAfee Deactivation notice disabling her computer protection without any warning.  She installed a new 3 user version for 1 year the day before the old version needed to be renewed (85 days ago).  SInce the UNPROTECTED subscription is still active (should be DEACTIVATED after a number of days or automatically deactivated the day the subscription expires). it appears that a check is being made that an expired but not deactivated subscription exits and when it finds the computer with the associated name for the specifed IP address a command is sent to the software that deactivates it.  The check should include to see if the subsciption on the installed software matches any other unexpired subscription for the account and if it does DO NOT DEACTIVATE.  It appears that this problem has existed for years and still has not been addressed.  Can this bug be fixed ASAP??

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