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    realtime scanning



      I had running a full systemscan today and it has found 20 tracking cookie´s.

      This is the first time i see it.


      Normaly the realtime scan is detecting them.


      Why are there still 20 tracking cookie´s found?


      Realtime scan has dectected over 68000 cookie´s since 21-01-2011

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          Hi revealdion,


          Cookies are small text files saved on your computer & Tracking cookies can be used by ad companies to analyze your browsing history so they can tailor their ads based on your browsing preferences. Once again,  These necessarily need not be virus ,  but McAfee doesn’t allow chance for getting the PC infected, so it detects tracking cookies so as to be safe & clean.  Just clear your browser cookies and everything should be alright .





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            I wanna to ask about how can I make an exception in my folder so that real-time scanning does not scan the folder along with its contents, Thanks before

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              You can't with the home product but it is a feature we have asked for.   You can only make exceptions when using the scheduled or manual scans at the presetn time.


              If something is wrongly identified as malware then follow the procedures here:  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016