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    Can I run Check for updates... through a desktop shortcut?

      Dear Community,





      I have McAfee Security Center v.11 on Windows 7 and I was just wondering if it was possible to make a shortcut to Check for updates... (like the link from right-clicking the icon on the icon bar near the clock).  I would use Automatic Updates; however, I have to move my laptop from place-to-place and some of the internet connections I use aren't completely safe for transferring data (public) and so I set the settings to manual update (I have also done this with Windows Update and my other programs).


      For my other programs (Ccleaner, Filehippo Update Checker, Windows Update, unrelated others) I have shortcuts conveniently in a folder so that I can remember to regularly check to see if my programs are secure and up-to-date; unfortunately, I haven't found out how to make a shortcut to McAfee Check for updates... .  It wouldn't be a problem except I constantly forget to check for updates because the shortcut isn't my folder; sometimes I don't check for updates for a week or more!  I know there is a icon bar icon but I still constantly miss it and forget to check for updates.


      I'm just wondering if there was a way to make Check for updates... into a desktop shortcut (Run a full scan and Run a quick scan would be really great too, although I usually keep them automatically scheduled).  I know how to copy a link into a blank shortcut but I could even be happy with a small program that does it, as long as I can put it into my shortcut folder.



      My regards,