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    usage of cpu 100% by McShield

      do you have someone experiences with usage of cpu 100% by McShield where VSE is 8.7.0 and Agent 4.5.0?

      thank you very much for hints..


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          Moved to VirusScan Enterprise for attention.

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            First, some questions.


            What patch version of VSE 8.7?
            What patch version of Agent 4.5?


            Is this during an ODS?  Lower the thread priority, mem/process scans will probably always peg at 100% for the short time they are running.

            Is this during a dat update?  Upgrade to patch 3 of agent 4.5

            Is this during an OAS?

                 Are there intense I/O operations occuring?  Exclude the process responsible for the I/O operations.

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              At this time I am not able to say if there are patche any patches because of disconnection but later I will let u know.

              Is there need to have some patches? If yes, will be u so kind and will u say what which patch fixes?

              It can be very useful for us..

              Thank u very much in advance..


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                I am McAfee admin at a hospital and I've seen this several times.  I'm working with one PC now that is VSE 8.8 with Patch 1,  ( Agent, DAT 6537.0000 and SAE


                If given enough time after starting, the mcshield.exe dropped below 90% CPU utilization.


                I ran a couple malware detecting agents and a full scan with the VSE and found nothing.


                Even after the time lapse, opening almost any application caused a several minute lapse in ability to use the computer.  Typing that last sentence would stop after the first word for 30 seconds or so, then give a word, then same pause and so forth for approx 2 minutes before the sentence was complete.  That wasn't a usable PC.


                I removed the VSE and the PC ran well.  Put it back and had the same results.


                OS is XP with SP3 and up to date patches.


                I'd appreciate any advice.



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                  This is probably going to be an exclusion related performance issue.


                  Here are a couple of blind troubleshooting steps though:


                  Disable processes on enable.

                  Disable scanning inside zipped files.


                  More than likely it's just going to be a matter of determining what needs to be excluded and creating an exclusion.  I would recommend logging a call with Support.

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                    I use XP Pro and solved the problem of mschield excessive cpu usage is by changing the system properties, Performance Options as follows:

                    Adjust for best performance of

                    Processor scheduling : programs

                    Memory usage: System Cache