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    WebGateway 7.x cache

      Hi All


      Guys who knows what is the correlation between Web Gateway 7.x virtual machine disk size and cache partition size?

      What is the cache partition size for different Web Gateway 7.x applaince models?

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          I hope that this reply gets you on the move.


          To start with the relations between MWG 7.x and VM Disk size is that you have four MWG 7.x versions and are addressed with VM host system req's

          for example differences are to see at this url: http://www.mcafee.com/us/products/web-gateway.aspx


          Second: for SMB my feeling and the information that i have read you'l never need the top of the bill product. on the other hand you have serveral things that you can take for consideration.


          like: A dual-core processor, for example, can provide almost double the performance of a single-core processor, by allowing two virtual CPUs to execute at the same time. Cores within the same processor are typically configured with a shared last-level cache used by all cores, potentially reducing the need to access slower main memory. A shared memory bus that connects a physical processor to main memory can limit performance of its logical processors if the virtual machines running on them are running memory-intensive workloads which compete for the same memory bus resources. Each logical processor of each processor core can be used independently by the ESX CPU scheduler to execute virtual machines, providing capabilities similar to SMP systems. For example, a two-way virtual machine can have its virtual processors running on logical processors that belong to the same core, or on logical processors on different physical cores. The ESX CPU scheduler can detect the processor topology and the relationships between processor cores and the logical processors on them. It uses this information to schedule virtual machines and optimize performance.


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            hi Doubstar


            thakns for tha answer.


            I need to calculate my web cache life time depending of the virtual machine configuration. Do you have a methodology to perform such calculations?

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              nope, i dont have such calc methode.


              what i use is calculation based on servicing concurrent users matching the old mwg E500 with:

              Intel®  Celeron®  Processor 440 (512K Cache, 2.00 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) which could service 1500 users


              Matching by using this list:



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