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    2 New Issues


      Hi All,


      I have two new issues with EPO and can't seem to get around them.


      1. I have had to re-create a new Super Agent Repository on one of our management servers for one of our Satalite sites. The reason this was created was because I could not get the clients to pull from the originaly created Super Agent Repository, they always reverted back to the Original Main Distributed Repository. The Super Repository has syncronised ok and continues to receive it's updates without a problem. Please could someone advise me in what I need to do to get the clients to pull from the newly created Super Repository.


      2. In addition to the above we have another Satalite site which has 8 servers which are receiving the updates and we can manually update them to pick up the latest updates, however, we cannot get these to be picked up by EPO. I have run an AD Sync many times and have waited for 24 hours for these to appear but we cannot see them in EPO in the Folder structure where they should be seen or in the Lost and Found or any other of the folder structure with EPO.


      Any ideas of what I could do to resolve these issues would be greatly appreciated.


      With regards.