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    Help needed for problem with new version 11 of McAfee Security Center update


      Please help!


      I'm a bit of a newbie with PC's from Cambridge, England.


      Yesterday I updated my McAfee Security Center as usual on my Dell 1558 laptop which uses windows 7 home premium.  This update installed the new version 11 of  McAfee Security Centre.


      Afterwards I tried using Internet Explorer 9 32-bit and then noticed big problems.  I could not load Hotmail login page (just had a white hanging screen) and then spotted that Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flash player wasn't working either.  My Mozilla Firefox & Internet Explorer 9 64-bit browsers were working fine and completely unaffected!


      I restored my laptop to an earlier "restore point" to undo this McAfee update and then Internet Explorer 9 is again working fine.


      I would be very grateful for advice on what to do about this.


      Many thanks,