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    UdaterUI.exe continous I/O reads

      At work we have McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.0i installed. I noticed that a process on my machine called UdaterUI.exe continuously performs I/O reads. Is this OK? What exactly is this process doing?
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          This is the user interface for the mcafee management agent
          What its doing depends on whether you run the agent in managed mode with EPO or PP or just run VSE which installs its own version in unmanaged mode.
          You may have a blue shield tray icon held inside the red M systray icon, this is the gui interface, asfar as I am aware this is also responsible for the diaolgues you get when running autoupdate or manual update in VSE.

          Are you using an agent? if so what patch level
          What patch version of VSE 8.5 are you running?
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            I have the Blue Shield tray icon. Sometimes I do notice a red outline or border to it.

            This morning the UdaterUI.exe is still continuously doing I/O reads. It's now at about 7 million since last rebooting.

            Below is the information I was able to find about what version of McAfee is installed on my machine.

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              I cant see that picture

              if you right click on the VSE systray icon and choose about what version of VSE and what patch level are you running?
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                It says "Installed patches: 6"
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                  So you are running VSE 8.5 patch 6 with the latest 5300 engine and the latest DATS, but you arent managed by a central EPO setup using a mcafee agent? (no M icon in systray or additional blue and white systray shield in addition to the red white and blue VSE shield icon)

                  What OS are you running
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                    Running XP. I do have the latest 5300 engine and the latest DATs (5388.0000). We are using an epo agent and our tech support here told me to reinstall the agent, because "my computer wasn't communicating with the McAfee server properly". However, the only icon I have in my sys tray is the blue shield with the red V in the middle.
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                      Did he give you the agent to install? possibly a file called framepkg.exe
                      if you right click and look at its properties what version is it eg
                      You can easily enough uninstall the old agent from the command prompt or run box in windows if you have one to replace it with (this may be better than overinstalling if there is an issue with it)

                      uninstall would be (logged in as a user with local admin rights) eg.

                      c:\program files\mcafee\common framework\frminst.exe /forceuninstall
                      (obv you may have a slightly diff path to the files depending on how your techs set it up)
                      This brings up the uninstall and then you would want to reboot and install the new agent you have been given

                      after an install if you dont get an icon you either have the icon switched off vai policy from your AV techs or you can bring it up using the following in the run command
                      c:\%wherever the install was%\cmdagent.exe /s
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                        Yup, there is a FramePkg file that is to be installed via a batch file

                        @ECHO OFF
                        REM Edited 7/1/2008 LEM

                        SET X_LOC=X:\Disks\McAfee\ePO agent
                        SET C_LOC=%USERPROFILE%\Desktop

                        COPY /Y "%X_LOC%\FramePkg.exe" "%C_LOC%"
                        START /WAIT /D "%C_LOC%" FramePkg.exe /install=agent /silent
                        START /D "C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework" CmdAgent.exe /P
                        DEL /Q "%C_LOC%\FramePkg.exe"

                        The file version is Sounds like there is a newer version available? I can try uninstalling the version I have now and reinstalling.

                        So I'm assuming that I should not be seeing UdaterUI.exe continuously performing I/O reads, correct?
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                          well that version is pretty old but if you have it its def worth running the uninstall rebooting and installing the new one they gave you
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