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    Can't get Agent 4.6 to deploy...


      I have EPO 4.6 all set up and I successfully upgraded my Virusscan 8.7 clients to 8.8 with a Product deployment client task. I run the report in EPO and it shows they are on 8.8 now. However I try to do the same thing with the 4.6 agent (sending it out via a product deployment) and none of them are upgraded. I have 4.6 in the current branch, the extension is loaded as well. However all my agents stay with version 4.5.1810. I can see in the agent monitor the following on my machine:


      Agent Monitor          10/26/2011          5:24:44 PM          Detail          Collecting Properties

      Agent Subsystem          10/26/2011          5:24:42 PM          Info          Next policy enforcement in 5 minutes

      Agent Subsystem          10/26/2011          5:24:42 PM          Info          Agent finished Enforcing policies

      Scheduler          10/26/2011          5:24:41 PM          Info          The task Agent Update is modified

      Scheduler          10/26/2011          5:24:41 PM          Info          Next time(local) of task Agent Update: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 5:30:00 PM

      Management          10/26/2011          5:24:40 PM          Info          Enforcing Policies for McAfee Agent

      Management          10/26/2011          5:24:40 PM          Info          Enforcing Policies for EPOAGENT3000

      Management          10/26/2011          5:24:40 PM          Info          Enforcing Policies for EPOAGENT3000META

      Management          10/26/2011          5:24:39 PM          Info          Enforcing Policies for VIRUSCAN8800



      Anyone have any ideas?