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    McAfee issue or computer issue?

      I was happily online then I lost the connection. I called rebooted the modem and router and called Comcast but it wasn't a equipment or service issue because I can get the wireless connection on my other laptop. I then get a message from McAfee that my "computer is at risk" so I follow the steps to run a scan BUT I get an error message that says an error occurred and I have to retry the scan, but I get the same run-around. Is this because I am not online? Or did McAfee take my laptop offline because I didn't do something or perhaps caught a virus? I called McAfee support and was put on hold for 15 minutes so I would REALLY like someone to help me with this issue soon.


      Desperate to fix the problem that may have been caused by McAfee. If it is not McAfee then I need to contact Acer tech support.