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    Possible Mcafee Issue?

      I was wondering If there have been any reports problems with Mcafee and IE9.Ever since 10/3 of this year I have been having multiple IE9 crashes.I have uninstalled and run with IE8 with No luck and then reinstalled.I have cleared all temp files cookies etc.

      I have even reset IE.None of this seemed to fix the problem.When I unistalled Mcafee I noticed that IE has not crashed for almost a week know and my computer is running way faster.As you can see in the Windows reliablity moniter.IE has been crashing for weeks.Where I drew the red line is when I uninstalled Mcafee.No crashes since??



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          I have seen this problem before,  disable the McAfee SiteAdvisor BHO, scriptproxy, and Toolbar for a while.  Visit only known sites to avoid issues SiteAdvisor would normally warn you about. Run 9 IE for a while, see if your issues go away. Please report back.


          Firefox will not exhibit the same behaviour.


          I had IE9 crash 6 times today, Win 7 32bit. All Win patches are current.  IE9 was pretty much crashing continuously.


          Running McAfee Total Protection version 11.0 build 11.0.623, SiteAdvisor 12.0 build 12.0.292.  Turn off the three (3) McAfee add ons in IE9. No crashes since.


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            Well Thanks for answering.I guess Mcafee will never seem to give a S%&t.Yet another issue.It is funny how the solution to Mcafee`s constant problems are to uninstall and reinstall. Or disable an item you need or want,That you have paid for.I know one thing After years with Mcafee I will be disabling the whole suite.Not that I have reinstalled it yet.Another stint of paid software that is not being used.I have read alot of reviews lately about Mcafee.Not very possitive.I guess the guy that said The MCPR (removal tool)is their best product was right?Just so you know I had no site advisor.I only installed it again yesterday.No crashes yet.But I will report if it occurs.

            This would be a site advisor issue then.Since I have not had Mcafee on my computer for a week.No crashes.Even though I still have over 400 days left.Plus the 3 months free I was given for all the other headaches.

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              Hi newjack,


              This issue is something new that is been reported in a while , could you please let us know if disabling the above said browser add ons did resolve the issue ?? Please provide us with a status update so as we could help you fix the problem without disabling your security feature .




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                I have had 4 IE 7 crashes in the last 2 days, running McAfee Security Center 11.0, build 11.0.623 and McAfee Site Advisor 3.4,  build  Would you advise turning off the add-ins for Site Advisor to prevent crashes in IE7?

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                  Are you sure you are running IE7.?!? The latest version is IE9. What version of Windows are you using? Have you checked for updates lately at the Microsoft Upate website?

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                    Hi Dinz, I have totally uninstalled Mcafee from my computer with well over 400 days paid left.Just as I did for over a month last year with the maxed out CPU problem.

                    To answer the Question i`m not 100% sure.When I uninstalled Mcafee and site advisor on 10/19/11 I went a week without a browser crash.I then decided to see If I could reinstall only site advisor.Since installing site advisor I have had 4 IE crashes in about 13 days.So not really sure.Your guess is as good as mine.Although with no Mcafee products installed I had no crashes.So not sure if it is site advisor.

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                      Dinz, Has this been problem been figured out? Thanks

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                        Hello Newjack,


                        This issue discussed between me and Dinz and Actually, since you had the programs uninstalled we were left with issue but no way to reproduce or validate it . We are awaiting for a different user who has this issue at present so as we could work with them and validate if its any conflict that is happening here !!!





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                          Well, I had to uninstall Mcafee.Which I did weeks ago.But that is my point.When I uninstalled as you can see above there have been no crashes.Besides the computer running much faster,since CPU is not being drained.Dinz asked to disable the above add ons.I did bettor then that.I uninstalled Site advisor.As you can see in the above Image.All days to right of red line are without Mcafee or site advisor installed.

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