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    Migrating ePO v4.5, agents and DR's to a new server in another location.  How to migrate DR's?


      I plan on moving our McAfee v4.5 ePO Server to another geographic location.


      Therefore it will have a new Server name and IP address.


      I plan on building a new ePO Server and SQL database configured exactly as the old ePO Server as described in the ePO v4.5 Best Practices guide pages 37 - 40.  Same patch levels, products, policies, tree structure, etc.


      I then plan on registering the new ePO Server with the old ePO Server.

      Exporting the ASSC keys from the old ePO Server and import the ASSC keys into the new ePO server.

      Then use the Transfer Systems Task to move the MCAfee Agents from the old ePO Server to the newly built ePO Server.

      Once all the agents are transferred I will shut down the old ePO Server.


      My question is on how to migrate the DR's?  I have 10 http DR's located in geographical areas.


      The ePO v4.5  Product Guide on page 146 states that you can export the SiteMgr.xml file from the old ePO Server to the new ePO Server.

      Specifically it says "Use this task to export the list of Distributed Repositories and source sites as the SiteMgr.xml file.  Use this file to restore the distributed repositories and source sites when you reinstall the ePO Server, or when you want to share distributed repositories or source sites with another ePO Server."


      This leads me to believe that 2 ePO Servers can share one or more Distributed Repositories.  Is this true???


      If not, then what is the best way to move the DR's?  Do I need to create 10 new http DR's with different names on the new ePO server and point the newly transferred agents to them?


      Or do I slowly remove the 10 http DR's on the old ePO Server and recreate them on new ePO Server?


      Any comments are welcome.


      Thanks in advance!




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