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    Configuring SMTP outbound quarantine queues?

      Is there a way to create quarantine queues and rules to route outbound SMTP traffice to a review queue based on group membership within the LDAP of the sender? (Or using ePO groups even)


      For example: john.smith@mycompany.com is a member of the group Legal, so any outbound mail that triggers a quarantine rule from either the MEG or DLP Prevent would place his email in the Legal queue for review, while bob.anyguy@mycompany.com is a member of HR so quarantined outbound mail for him would go to a different queue (HR)?


      Current set up:

      Internal Groupwise Server

      Sends all outbound email to Mailgate

      Mailgate uses Envelope Analysis Rule to forward all email from the mycompany.com domain to Prevent

      Prevent  uses Policy in Prevent to determine if mail (SMTP Only) is to be quarantined or allowed

      Sends smtp mail back to Mailgate with flag for quarantine

      Mailgate uses a whitelist exception rule for smtp mail returning from Prevent to bypass Envelope Analysis Rule that forwards all email from mycompany.com back to Prevent. (This is to eliminate an infinite loop of mail being re-forwarded back to the Prevent box)

      All mail flagged for quarantine goes into the NDLP queue


      The problem is this only allows for quarantined outbound mail to go to the NDLP queue, as there is only one allowed setting for the QUART queue action.






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