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    Increase sensitivity of inbound filter for a single user (or group)

      Hi everyone.


      I am new to MEG and I hope someone can help.


      We have a user who is complaining of having to deal with 2-3 spams hitting his inbox per day.  I notice the filter is catching 19-20 per day for this user.


      If I recall correctly from my previous life, there was a way in Postini to alter the agressiveness of the filter per user.  I think it was a scale of 1-5, where normal is 3 or something like that.


      We don't want to change our existing default inbound setup, as it is working very well for our other users.


      Is there any way on a per-user or per-group basis to add someone to a more agressive inbound policy? 


      We fully realize that moving a user to a more agressive filter will increase the likelyhood of the user having legitimate email becoming trapped in the filter.