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    TS Value in IronMail



      I want to know how is TS score calculated for each mail in IronMail. I have a confusion that I have recived email from a specific bank domain and it has been qaurantined my IronMail. When I saw the score it was showing TS value 20 . Also my IronMail recieved some more mails from same domain but it delivered with TS value etiher 0 or in negative . My question is if TS is trusted source then how it is calculating , infact the domain is trusted. Kindly help

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          Perhaps the domain was using different ip addresses for their emails and one of those addresses belongs to a subnet that  had issues with spam.

          With so many domains using third party mail systems, if an organization is assigned an ip address from a subnet that includes ip addresses that has sent spam, the score may be higher.

          This is my take on TS.  IF the world was using one email solution such as yahoo or gmail, I wonder how TS would work.