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    Inconsistent VSE.

      This post has multiple questions. I am struggling to get the policy to apply to certain PCs. It appears the policy has applied because it has locked the interface correctly, but i have made some changes to the access protection policy and they have not replicated to certain VSE clients. A server running Windows Server 2008 r2 standard has agent 4.6 and vse 8.8 installed. However the "new" agent systray icon is not available on this machine, while it is on my windows 7 client. The anti-spyware module is not installed on theserver either. I am unable to access the "edit autoupdate repo list"even after unlocking the interface, to confirm that it is pointing to the epo. It just does nothing when i click it.


      In the policy catalog when editing the access protection policy there is a drop down that specifies workstation or server. How relevant is that and where does the specific set of policies get assigned to the system tree ? does it automatically detect that it is a server and use the server policies ? I know how to assign the specific policy set to a system tree sub group, but there is no option to specify the workstation or server sub policy set. Is that dropdown irrelevant?


      I suspect that the differences in look and feel of the vse client is due to OS compatibility, do you have a list of what is supported on what OS etc


      How can i change the autoupdate schedule on the vse clients? I have read the forums and people just say to disable it completely and then set up a new client task to automatically update dat. But i have done this and it appears to be still updating at the default 5pm. Why is there no way to modify the update schedule from the epo on clients, so that the time on the vse client console actually changes to the modified time specified on the epo. Maybe there is a way to do that, can you please tell me or point me in the direction of the correct documentation.

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          Server access not showing agent icon - this only shows on access ID 0, aka direct console access. I think you can access this using /admin, or I use the console access via our vmware suite and then i see the agent icon. (you are logging in as a temp session and the agent 'exists' within the always running session)


          Also you can run the agent commands from the installed folder and you should see the VSE shield icon to see what policy is assigned.


          8.8 is the VSE + antispyware module all in one, so how would one be installed without the other? what does ePO report?


          That drop down for workstation and server is very important! anything on the workstation wont apply on servers and vice versa. Add a custom tag to apply to any machines which ePO see's as 'servers' if that helps track them. If you applied the same policy to a folder containing an XP machine and a win 2003 server it would apply each tab to each machine.



          For the VSE autoupdate task its in the policy somewhere to disable the auto update took me some digging last time.


          Hope i answered some of your questions!

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            Thank you for the reply. I have a server running 2008 r2 standard (not a vm) and it shows an agent version of 4.6 and a vse version of 8.8. But I have been unable to get the policy to update. It also does not show the anti-spyware module in the vse console although the about page is correct.




            I have for example changed some access protection policies, by unticking the reporting of vmware file changes. However the access protection policy on the vse still shows the incorrect policy. I tried doing an agent and policy update force and it says that it suceeded. I confirmed that it is on the correct policy and i even set the workstation and server policies to the same just to see if it was that.

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              Antispyware is no longer a separate module in 8.8 - it's included in the product: this is why you're not seeing it in the About page (or the ePO properties, presumably.)


              HTH -



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                But that is my point. You can see that it is 8.8 (due to the about page) but the vse console does not show the antispyware "module".

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                  What exactly are you expecting to see? As far as I know there's never been any indication in the console that the AS module is installed...

                  Can you post a screenshot of what you mean?