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    virus found in dll in one pc only

      I'm trying to copy two files on a xp virtual machine with mcafee av 8.7i version 5400.1158 dat 6504

      the files are AVManager.dll and FWManager.dll and they get deleted because mcafee finds a virus.

      What I don't understand is that I tried to copy the same files on 3 other computers with the same antivirus version and same dat and I don't get any message, and if I turn mcafee services off, copy the files and then scan them, the antivirus says the files are clean.

      what could be the problem?

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          Attila Polinger



          what situation is I can imagine being the cause is that the .DLL is detected due to having some kind of unwanted program (not virus), now that on the only PC that the .DLL gets deleted Virusscan has Antispyware module installed and on the other two it has not.

          When the antispyware module is not installed, detection might occur, but no action will be taken.

          (only logging).


          Also please try scanning the file from the other two workstations (like in a shared folder, etc.), too, see if they detect anything in it (not in their own copy locally).


          Also, could you share with us the name of the detection?