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    Pushing VSE

      Is it possible  to push VSE over an exsisting VSE with a diffrent ePO server?

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          May I know what are you trying to achieve by reinstalling VSE over existing version?


          If you want to push it from the different ePO server then you have to uninstall the existing agent version and push the agent from the other ePO server from which you want to push VSE.

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            VirusScan is a dumb endpoint product and has nothing to do with any specificePO server.  The McAfee Agent is the only McAfee product on a Windowscomputer that has any intelligence with regard to ePO server/Agent handler withwhich it needs to communicate.


            You onl;y need to upgrade VirusScan if you a patch or new version isrequired.


            If you need to have a computer report into another ePO server, you will needinstall certificates from the old ePO server into the new server and use the"Agent", "Transfer Systems" functionality to direct theagent to the new server.


            An alternative would be to install the agent from the new server which willupdate the SiteList and have the agent report into the ePO server of the mostrecent agent FramePkg.exe execution.

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              To put it simply - yes, but you would also have to set the McAfee agent to the different ePO server too.





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                The old server was deleted and a 2k8 image (ePO server) has been added.  Im sure the old agent is still there also. Worst case is I would have to do everything manual or reimage each client.