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    VSE 8.7i Patch 5 + MA 4.6 = no icon

    Laszlo G

      Hi everyone,


      I've been mading some tests with the new reposted VSE 8.7i patch 5.


      This installer comes with McAfee Agent 4.0 (patch 3 I think) so I have upgraded it to McAfee Agent 4.6. Once installed, if I logout and login again then the virusscan icon located at the tray does not appear or if it appears it just disappears after clicking on it.


      If I just remove the agent with the /forceuninstall and then logout/login again then it appears and stays here, same thing if I install MA 4.5P3.


      But if I upgrade again to MA 4.6 then the icon disappears again until I remove it or I install an older version (real time and access protection are still enabled even without icon).


      I have had this problem with an english Windos 2003 Standard Edition SP2 and with a Spanish Windows XP SP3.


      Has anyone else observed this issue?