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    Updates appear to be chewing up disk space

      Every time I see McAfee Virus Scan installing an update, I lose a LOT of available disk space.  This last one, yesterday, chewed up about 400 MB.  Over the last two or three months, nearly 6 GB has gone away.  I haven't installed any new applications, and have probably only saved 500 MB or so of appication data.  Recycle Bin is empty.


      Is there something I can delete to recover this space?  If so, where is it?

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          Hi ,


          It seems something new that we have heard as off now.

          Kindly follow the below 3 steps & kindly update us with the following information’s:


          Step 1: Clear all the Windows Temp Files: - (Navigation: Click Start > Run >Type Temp ) and clear all temp files.

          Step 2: Clear all the Local Temp Files: - (Navigation: Click Start > Run >Type %Temp% ) and clear all temp files of the local user.

          Step 3: Clear all the Temporary Internet Files:- (Navigation: Open Internet explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Under General tab) clear all temp internet files & cookies.


          Hard Disk capacity:

          RAM Size:

          Operating System:


          Purchased McAfee Product from: (Stores/ Online/ Partner/ Etc.,)

          Version details of installed McAfee Product:

          (Navigation: Open McAfee product > Click About on the top right)

          • McAfee Security Center:
          • McAfee Virus Scan:

                      DAT version:

          • McAfee Personal Firewall:
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            Thanks for the reply, Jai.


            I cleared all the temp files as you suggested, the same day you replied.


            Disk capacity is roughly 80GB


            RAM is 1GB


            Operating system is XP Pro, Service Pack 3


            Original purchase of McAfee was in 2004 and I don't remember where from.  All subsequent updates have been online from McAfee's web site.


            Security Center is 11.0.623


            Virus Scan is 15.0.291


            I don't use McAfee firewall.  I have Zone Alarm.




            McAfee has updated twice since my original post. I have lost over 1GB in that very short time, despite barely using the computer, other than updating my bills on Quicken.  Last night's McAfee update used up 300MB. 

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              It appears like this issue needs some more diagnostics, I have sent you an e-mail requesting for more details on the same. Kindly have it replied so that we can help you better on this issue.