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    HELP! Migrating to new EPO w/o AD

      OK, need some advise/assistance here.  I am moving my environment to a new EPO server. The catch is, I currently have a EPO 4.5 on a server that is ON the domain using AD sync to pull all the workstations in and administer them. Well I'm being required to build a new EPO 4.5 server that will exist on the same network but will NOT be a member of the domain and can't have any affiliation with Active Directory. So no LDAP syncs, nothing of the sort. Oh did I mentioned I have over 2500 machines that are managed by the old server? So yes, there is a problem here. I need advice. What is the best way to get all the agents out there that are currently reporting to the "on domain" EPO server to report to the "Off domain" server?  I've tried modifying the Server.ini and Site.ini (??) files with the new server ip and info, did a wake up, that didn't work.  Looking for suggestions here!


      Please remember that I cannot us AD for anything. So really, the only feasible methods is to use the management capabilities of the old server to point the agents to the new one. The new server IS entered into our DNS server with an A-record, and again, its on the wire and in the same subnet as the old server.


      Thanks for any help!