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    Unable to admin MWG(or connect to local resources) unless IP is placed in IE exceptions list

      I am unable to admin the MWG over http:  unless there is an exception in Internet Explorer .  I suspect that this is the case for all local resources.  Is there a way to allow MWG not try to proxy local resources?


      Here is the connection error:

      Cannot Connect 
      The proxy could not connect to the destination in time. 
      URL: http://xx.xx.xx.xx:4711/Konfigurator/request
      Company Acceptable Use Policy 
      This is an optional acceptable use disclaimer that appears on every page. You may change the wording or remove this section entirely in index.html. 
      For assistance, please contact your system administrator. 
      generated 2011-10-20 08:00:33 by McAfee Web Gateway

      Rule: Gateway Anti-Malware /Block If Virus was Found