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    news files executables permanent


      last few days I have two new executable files are always active ( McSmtFwk.exe and mcUICnt.exe). both were always but I have always seven permanent.now active processes mcafee Does this happen after some recent update?

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          I can only tell you what Google finds:



          McSmtFwk.exe is part of McAfee SecurityCenter developed by McAfee, Inc.. This task protect your system against viruses, Trojan horses and other threats



          We never get to know the intricacies of the actual processes. Technical Support Chat, linked in Useful Links at the top of this page might give you more information. 


          mcUICnt.exe I can't find a proper explanation but as UI stands for User Interface I would imagine that it's something to with whatever is displayed on the desktop when you call up SecurityCenter.


          You might want to check that you didn't inadvertently install 'McAfee Security Scan Plus' the last time you updated an Adobe product, Flash, Shockwave or Reader for example, as it is an optional download with those products.


          If you did it will be listed in your Program list and can be uninstalled in the normal manner.


          When posting  a question it helps to give us the version numbers of your installed products along with your operating system and service pack details.


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            I do not have security scan plus installaded.that files they are in the folder of installation of mcafee internet security always

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              Well as I said, we don't know the intricacies of the internal workings.  Are they causing you trouble?   If so run the McAfee Virtual Technician and if it continues to be a nuisance Technical Support offers free Telephone or Online Chat support.


              All I can say is I don't have them currently showing in my Task Manager but things vary according to what components one has installed.

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                they do not cause problems.all work ok..this processes appear in the firewall as allowed and belong to mcafee.thank you

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                  Maybe someone from support will spot this thread and be able to explain what they are, sorry I could not. ;-)