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    Apple MDM cert for free?

      Hallo folks,


      in reading through some Apple documentation I came across the site https://identity.apple.com/pushcert/, which seems to allow you to generate an MDM certificate, without needing to join the Apple developer program. I can log in to this site with my normal, personal Apple ID. So, a few questions:


      1. Can anyone confirm whether this site will in fact generate legitimate MDM certs, or must it be done through the developer program?


      2. I have tried generating a cert through this site, but keep getting the following error message: "{"ErrorCode":-80013,"ErrorMessage":"Invalid Certificate Signing Request","ErrorDescription":"The Certificate Signing Request you entered appears to be invalid. Make sure that request file uploaded is in the <a href=\"http://www.apple.com/business/mdm\" target=\"_blank\">correct format<\/a>and not empty."}"


      Additional information:

      - My MDM CSR is generated using the EMM Deployment Helper

      - running "certdump" on the generated CSR produces no errors, so the file is valid and intact

      - looking at the referred Apple site provides no useful information about what the CSR should look like

      - I'm running EMM 9.7 on Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit in a dual-server setup


      Any input appreciated!