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      Hi All,


      The problem I have is that I have run an Engine update (4.5) from the EPO Console and manually but the details don't get update in EPO. I have run the update on some computers and they are shown as 4.5 but i have an issue with 2 server Exchange and SQL which have definately had their updates (having checked the logs on both machines) but it does not update on EPO.


      Has anyone had this kind of problem before.


      Can anyone advise/help




      Peter Flint.

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          I understand that machine is updating correctly but informations are missing to the machine's property in the ePO console.


          Is only Engine information missing or any other columns also? Is DAT info showing correctly?


          First of all, I will check if there is any duplicates present in the ePO server. If yes then please delete the duplicate one.


          Second, I will upgrade the agent and VSE extension to latest one.

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            Sounds also perhaps that the events data may not be getting back from there machines.

            After update has finished, make an agent wakeup call with full properties and then check the local machine agent log: Agent_<machinename>.log for errors.


            This may help pinpoint the cause(s) and you can search any error messages in the McAfee Knowledge base.






            n.b. not sure exactly what you are meaning by 'shown as 4.5', perhaps you can elaborate.

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              Hi Thanks very much for you posts back. I now have different issues with authentication which I am concentrating on now.