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    Pushing ePO agents using 3rd party push

      Hello everyone.  I hope you can help the newbie.  My company has decided to implement ePolicy Orchestrator and the disk encryption, file and folder encryption and mobile phone modules.  I read through all the manuals.  We have ePo set up.  We are testing the various modules on in a test environment. 


      Now, they want to start the BIG push.  They want to start rolling out to more users.  But, they want to change the deployment procedure with the agent.  They want to push the agent (either MSI or EXE) via our Altiris application.


      I have asked our vendor and scowered the Internet and web sites about if this is possible.  All I know is where to find the MSI/EXE on our server.


      My question to the board-- Can you push the agent via Altiris or any other psuh solution or do you have to use the ePolicy Orchestrator?  I personally dont care either way. I just want this deployed and working.


      Thanks for listening.



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