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    Repository Pull Fail - Repository Pull from McAfee HTTP (error.-2147467259)


      Hi All.


      Im having a problem with my daily pull from the McAfee HTTP site. Its been working fine until around 5 days ago where I get the error: Repository Pull from McAfee HTTP (error.-2147467259).


      The ePO pull task then has this additional info:


      19/10/11 10:33:47 Started: Pulling content from McAfeeHttp to Current branch
      19/10/11 10:33:49 Repository Pull from site McAfeeHttp complete, 0 warnings, 1 errors
      19/10/11 10:36:24 Checking in package Current\VSCANDAT1000\6503.0000\DAT\0000
      19/10/11 10:36:25 Checking in package Current\VSCANDAT1000\6503.0000\DAT\0000 failed
      19/10/11 10:36:25 Repository Pull from McAfee HTTP (error.-2147467259)


      My colleague who runs the proxy has looked at the logs and nothing is being blocked. Is this en ePO error? Ive run the job at several times throughout the day and it gets to different stages before failing.


      Any help is mst appreciated.