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    VSE 8.5.0i won't update


      I'm currently using Virusscan Enterprise 8.5.0i
      Engine version: 5200.2160
      DAT: 5370.0000

      I'm trying to update to 5300.2777 and 5379.0000 but somehow the update fails. It goes through the whole update process but in the end no update is carried out.
      I've been trying to find a solution for this problem and i've read about a patch that is sometimes required but i can't find any patches for my program. Where can i find these patches or what do i need to do to get my VSE to update again?

      Any help appreciated!
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          You didn't read the "Check Before You Post" thread at the top of this forum.. You've posted in the forum for "old" retail versions of VirusScan.. You're using a retail version of the "corporate" Enterprise VirusScan..

          In order to get better responses and more information, I'll move your post to the corporate "Desktop and Server" forum.. You can access your topic in either forum location.

          In the meantime, it seems like you've got the numbers mixed up but maybe this will help.. Please try installing the full Superdat file from the manual download at the link below.

          http://www.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/security_updates/superdat.asp?region=us&seg ment=enterprise

          Click on the link above, select "I Agree" if it's the first time you've been to the link, then download the "sdat5379.exe" file (at least that's the number today) to your desktop.. Once it's there, double click on the file to install the newest 5300 scan engine and the newest 5379 dat.

          In addition, if you don't already have them, you need to update to the most recent patch for VS 8.5i which is Patch #6, or at least Patch #5.. The patch can be obtained by using your corporate grant number at the link below to log in, create a user name and account, then download the patch.. But you WILL need a corporate grant number.


          Hope this helps.