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    Update failed to version Engine: 5300.2777

      Having a problem with updates on 8.5i VirusScan
      Error Message:
      Update failed to version Engine: 5300.2777 DAT: 5378.0000

      This occurs on both our enterprise system from my own update repository and from my home system using the nai repository. The systems at work are classified and the repository updates are only refreshed every few weeks and not getting daily updates. We did a full repository refresh, but that didn't fix the problem either.

      I had no problems with the 8.0 VirusScan engine updates.

      I searched the web but only found a few obscure references without resolution. The search was negative on these forums.

        • 1. Updates on 8.5i VirusScan
          Starting seeing the same thing a few days ago... Is there a fix coming out for this?

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            It appears this might be related to SP3 on XP systems. The XP system with SP2 updated without a problem.
            • 3. patch #5
              I had this problem; I downloaded patch #5 and I was then able to run the update successfully.

              I got the patch from the place that provides my copy of McAfee (the University of Maryland). I don't know where else you can download it from. What *really* surprises me is that until I went to the U MD website where I downloaded the patch from, I had no idea there *was* a patch. This despite the fact that the patch is labeled *URGENT*. Why does McAfee not automatically patch, or at least tell us it needs to be patched???

              (I already had patch #1. It's not apparent whether #5 is a cumulative patch or not--patch #4 is supposed to be cumulative, but #5 doesn't say.)

              Mike Maxwell
              U MD
              • 4. RE: patch #5
                Mike --
                I'll see if a manual patch is effective at work.

                For my home laptop with the problem.
                1) I uninstalled McAfee as a test
                2) Reinstalled 8.5i
                3) Ran the updates on the fresh install and it worked fine.

                So, apparently the SP3 update corrupts something with 8.5i files. I think I have an 8.0 system at work with SP3. I'll check and see if it has the SP3 problem... more later.

                • 5. RE: patch #5
                  Interesting - I'll try the un-install / re-install today. Sure enough I am @ SP3 on the XP box. Checked on a SP1 Vista box and it's working fine. I'd put on the patch if I knew where to find it. Did some poking around around and no luck yet... sad
                  • 6. RE: patch #5
                    magurac --
                    I think it's listed above this thread in the forums with a "sticky" post. I was going to look for it myself. Guess we can both test it... :rolleyes:
                    • 7. RE: patch #5

                      Update went fine here on SP3 machines...
                      I remember reading something about the VSE 8.5i patches though... there was a note that you couldn't install 5300 on some specific patches...

                      • 8. RE: patch #5

                        The Patch 6 or 6.1 vs 5300 scan engine is actually reversed.. The problems were occurring when Patch 6 was installed AFTER the 5300 engine had previously been installed. In those cases, problems could occur and as such, a new Patch # 6.1 was created.. As far as I'm aware, until now, we've seen no issues where the 5300 scan engine was installed with ANY patch.. The engine has been installing fine although in some cases, it needed to be manually installed and a reboot might be necessary.

                        At this point, I've installed the 5300 scan engine manually on about 100 XP SP3 and Windows 200 SP4 machines with varying degrees of VS 8.0i and 8.5i and had no problems. Of course, 100 computers is small scale but still, I've seen no issues here.

                        Hope this helps.

                        • 9. RE: patch #5

                          Grif --
                          Fortunately I only have a few systems at this level, most have the 8.0 engine and had no problem.