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    Help w/ Dual-Boot & Pre-Boot Auth

      Currently I have my system configured running Endpoint Encryption w/ Preboot authentication. Would like to setup a dual boot option using a second HDD that is not encrypted.


      If i install a 2nd HDD, install Win7 to it without the 1st HDD can i modify the MBR of the unecrpyted disk to point to the encrypted MBR and then pre-boot authenticate and boot to the encrypted image? Is there a better way to do this?


      Once i have dual-boot setup,  it would be ideal if I could access files/folders from the encrypted disk when using the non-encrypted image.

      Is there a way to mount the encrypted disk and authenticate from the non-encrypted image? I know this kind of defeats pre-boot auth but i have to ask.


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          Re your 2nd question, you can use wintech to mount the 1st encrypted drive and access it as long as you have the creds.


          Re the first, that's not how booting works. You need to switch the "bootable" flag on the partition you want to boot from, you can't chain one mbr to another.


          It would help to understand what you are trying to achieve though. :-)

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            OK some more background.


            Work for a large company 40k+ employees. We have a standard image that everyone gets and includes Endpoint Encryption.

            I work in a specialized group, Forensic Technology. We are provided additional HDDs that contain non-standard images that we use for forensic analysis, penetration testing, etc. that we cannot run on the standard image.


            Right now i have my 2nd most often used HDD in the second HDD/ODD slot, and when i need to use it I reboot and F11 to invoke the Boot Selection Menu and pick my HDD i want to boot from. Loads up Windows Boot Mgr. I select Win 7 or Backtrack.


            Not really a big deal, but it would be nice to be able to select where i want to boot to all from one menu, instead of change BIOS boot order each time I want to boot to a different HDD.


            Regarding WinTech, is that something that i can use inside of Windows? Where do i get WinTech? Some additional information on this would be helpful.




            EDIT: If i need to get something from our IT Services thats fine, i just need to know specifically what to ask for, since its outsourced. I will get a lot of deer in the headlight looks before i get to the right people.

            "Sir is your computer plugged in?"


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              What you are asking for is really outside the scope of the product unfortunately. I don't see any short cuts.


              Wintech though is the tool you'd use to mount an encrypted drive from your forensic partition. It also let's you work with the data. If your company helpdesk chose not to make it available to you though, then it's not something you are going to be able to use. Maybe your best point of contact is your eepc admin who should have considered forensic access as part of their deployment strategy?

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                OK thanks Simon