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    Blacklist for not installing/tracking a device in ePO

      Hi everyone,


      I am currently running ePO version 4.5 and have a few servers that show up on my list as unmanaged devices.  A few of these servers are running Windows 2000 Server.  If I am correct, I do not believe ePO agents can be installed on Windows 2000 devices.  We have taken note to replace/upgrade these devices in the future for security reasons.  However, we no longer want these machines to show up in our dashboard as unmanaged devices when they are really devices that cannot be monitored by ePO due to their OS version.  Currently devices/servers found in Active Directory are pushed the ePO agent and are attempted to be monitored.  Is there anyway to create a blacklist of machines (via machine name preferably) that will never receive the ePO agent?  This would help to clean up our dashboard and reporting.  Thank you in advance.