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    Stop AutoUpdate of VSE 8.7 Patch 4 after install


      Hi All,


      Have the following script set up to install VSE


      start /wait .\VirusScan_87\VSE870LMLRP4\setupvse.exe REBOOT=R ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=LotusNotesScan RUNAUTOUPATESILENTLY="" RUNONDEMANDSCANSILENTLY="" /qn /l*v "c:\install\custom\McAfee_VSE_log.txt"


      The install works but I was hoping to supress the AutoUpdate as this is delaying the install at completion.


      The RUNAUTOUPATESILENTLY="" RUNONDEMANDSCANSILENTLY="" are supposed to prevent these happening after installation, but it didn't seem to work.  Still the same delay.


      What other options are there?