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    Thanks McAfee...

      for making my computer slower, and continually reminding me that I, personally, have turned off the "Real-time Scanning".  I really don't want, or need, to know that I've turned off something on purpose.  Even if your programmers have decided that I really need to know.


      Thank you also for deciding that my software was no longer activated (and telling me about every time I turned on my computer), when it didn't expire until next month.  I'm done fighting with your software just so I might be more secure than if I was running some other less-intrusive adware.


      Uninstalled McAfee, and will recommend against it.

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          Melphis.. totally agree, and I too have uninstalled McAfee for the same reasons, as well as other reasons.  I recommend the FREE microsoft anti-virus software that you can download easily from the web-site.  The speed on my computer has tripled, and.. it found 4 trojans on my computer that McAfee didn't.  Good move.