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    'Getting Started' Guide / Generic Business Template?

      I have moved to MWG v7 after a long and fairly unpleasant but workable history with Smart FIlter and dabbling somewhat successfully with Dansguardian.


      • There is no 'best practise' guide, generic rule templates or wizards to help get the basic working with this product.
      • There is not even any useful 'Getting started' documentation, just an absurdly low-level reference manual which implies previous conceptual knowledge of the product.
      • The support guys are great at solving individual problems but when I ask for a general how-to guide they send me here where again I can only find very specific problems and answers.


      Even my reseller has absolutely no idea how to implement basic business rules on this product and is suggesting alternatives...?!


      I am looking for anyone who can give me a general 'business use template, like Smart filter used to provide.  e.g. Business / Government standard policies.


      I have got authentication working and basic filtering but have inumerable problems with the SSL scanner.


      Would appreciate if anyone has already been through this pain and documented their rulesets...?




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          at the moment the only way to get started is to use the "Initial Policy Wizard" that comes up after you installed the product for the first time. It will provide you with a basic policy, that matches your region and organization. For this wizard we have collected a huge number of existing Web Gateway configurations, seperated them by region and organization type (e.g. Business, Governmental, Education, etc.) and built a pre-populated policy with a number of lists, that should allow you to start.


          Obviously this is only a place to start and the wizard is not enough. It is still required to add things like authentication etc, to have the product match your business.


          Unfortunately you are right that there is still some "getting started" missing. We are working on several ideas to make the product easier to start with. There are projects on going, and we are planning to and willing to improve what we have.


          I am a bit concerned that your reseller is not able to help you with getting started. There are trainings and workshops available. You may probably want to get in touch with a Sales representative and apply for a basic training and/or offer your reseller to do the same thing. There are a lot of skilled McAfee partners and resellers worldwide, so maybe the proper trainings have been missed here - but actually this is a different topic.


          Basically to get started I always recommend to use the wizard to build something for you to start with, and then begin to apply changes that match your requirements. Authentication is a good start, if that is already working you already made a good step in getting started with the product.


          What are the problems you are seeing with the SSL Scanner? I think we can get this working, but need some more details.




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            Andre is right about training.  I went to a class in Plano a few months ago and it was EXCELLENT.   I was trying to use the resources at hand to configure the MWG, and thought I was doing a decent job.  The day after I returned from class, I deleted all of my rule sets and started over from scratch, by hand.  The wizard does create some good policies, but I was better off doing everything manually.


            I know they only have 2 people that teach the classes, and Stephan Obel is an excellent instructor, and really knows the products.  I recommend you look into taking the class.

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              Hi Kent,


              I haven´t actually received any feedback about the trainings we offer, and I never participated one since internally we use different resources. Thank you for sharing your exprience, I am glad that this worked well for you.