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    How to REALLY turn off security center?


      I got a new PC a few months ago. McAfee wasn't my first choice for security software since then, but it was pre-installed and why re-installing a running system? so it worked fine till i got a Google redirect virus while using McAfee Security Center! I doesn't even find something on a scan.


      So i tried several tools to clean my system and one of the last ones i'm trying to use before re-installing my whole system requires to turn off all my other security software. I know normally it's not rquired doing this, but if McAfee isn' even able to find the virus, i do have to use other tools.


      So i tried to turn off Security Center by doing the following:


      - turning off all elements for a period of 45 minutes -> ok, it shows "turned off" but on taskmanager mcshield.exe and 3 other processes were still running

      - tried to turn off these processes through taskmanager -> without success, iis not possible doing this

      - tried to disable McAfee starting at windows start -> not possible, processes still running


      if i try to run the other cleaning tool, it warns me doing that while running McAfee, because it could cause seriously damage on my system!

      running in safe-mode is not recommended for the other tool!


      So, am i really not able to turn off a 'security' software, which was not able to protect me from malware? The last way would be to uninstall it completely...i'm really not happy about this software so far!!!


      thx in advance