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    McAfee Encrypted USB issues on my MacBook Pro

      Hello, I am really hoping that somebody may be able to help me out here.  I have been using a McAfee Encrypted USB (MFR 843806) for the past year on my PC (running Windows Vista or Windows 7) without any issue at all.  I recently tried to access this device on my MacBook Pro (running OS X 10.7.2) and am encountering some issues.  When I plug in the USB, I keep getting an error that pops up saying that this device needs to be ejected properly.  When I hit okay, it seems like my MacBook is trying to read the USB (the drive/device briefly appears but disappears quickly) before I get the pop up error again.  It seems like it is trying to open the drive, but no luck.


      Another issue is that even if I could open the drive/device, I would normally have to click on the "start.exe" file to initiate the screen where I scan my finger accross the USB to open it.  Being that this is an .exe file, could my MacBook even recognize this?  Does this mean that the McAfee Encrypted USB is not compatible with a Mac?


      Thanks in advance to anybody that may be able to help me out - this has been driving me crazy.