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    High CPU in mfevtps

      My computer seems like its ready to fly away and is burning up.  The main process eating up CPU always seems to be the " mfevtps" file.  Please help me determine cause for this.  I've read through this community forum and found that I'm a little late to the party but nonetheless, every bit wrapped in the same problems. 

      mfevtps_HIGH Usage.jpg

      Thank you,


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          Hey brian cubed,


             Your issue with mfevtps wasn't the same one as being reported in the mcagent thread, so I put this on it's own to get it more attention.


             If you're running Windows XP SP3, this is a sort of known issue. Microsoft's cryptography module had some issues causing our validation service (mfevtps) to use too much memory/cpu cycles.


             Take a look at this knowledgebase article:




          Let me know if that works for you.




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            Thanks for the quick response!  I tried to click on the link provided and it returns "The Document ID you entered was not recognized in our system.."   In any case, I'm not on Windows XP.  My set up is as follows:


            Windows 7 Home Premium (Service Pack 1)

            Processor:  AMD Turion(tm) X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile ZM-87  2.40 GHz

            Installed memory (RAM) 6.00GB

            64-Bit Operating System

            I'll wait to post more detials until I review your suggestion.

            Thanks again,


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              Retry the link please it is working now

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                Thank you for updating the link.  However, my operating system is not Windows XP, I have Windows 7.  If this senario is the same both operating systems then please let me know and I will try this solution.


                Affected Operating Systems:
                Windows XP (sp3 only)




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                  Hi, "me too" to this, please - I'm also running Win7 and mfevtps is chewing up 41% of my CPU time!

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                    It's probably caused by the same problem, but the fix I have is for winXP sp3 only.


                    While I do some research guys, please go to windows update and make sure you're totally up to date.

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                      Can you open Task Manager. When the MFEVTPS.EXE starts getting high, can you right-click and select 'create a crash dump?'


                      If you can get this, please upload it to me at ftp://custftp2.nai.com/incoming/spyron/ and reply to this thread with the name of the file so I know.

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                        Not doing it this morning (maybe because I'd turned off access protection, following another thread on this type of problem?), but it has occured fairly regularly, so I've turned AP back on and will see if that makes a difference.

                        One question: Win7 displays the main screen quite early on in the boot process.  If we start Outlook (we're running Outlook 2003, by the way) quite quickly, maybe before the McAfee splash screen has displayed, could we get some sort of conflict be tween Outlook starting up and McAfee trying to hook the email scanner into Outlook?


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                          All is quiet this morning.  As soon as the "jet engine" revs back up on this laptop I'll create a dump file and send it to you.  Thank you for the continued interest into this issue and working with me/us to solve it.

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