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    Event ID 257 & 258 "Update Failed"

      I am seeing other reports of this error, but no solutions so far. Does anyone know how to fix this in VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.0i?

      Event Type: Warning
      Event Source: McLogEvent
      Event Category: None
      Event ID: 258
      Date: 9/4/2008
      Time: 12:12:12 PM
      User: fiadvisor\administrator
      Computer: PLPSVR
      The update failed; see event log.

      Event Type: Error
      Event Source: AlertManager
      Event Category: None
      Event ID: 257
      Date: 9/4/2008
      Time: 12:12:13 PM
      User: N/A
      Computer: PLPSVR
      Alert Manager Event Log Alert:

      The update failed; see event log. (from PLPSVR IP user administrator running VirusScan EntSv 8.5 AutoUpdate)

      Thanks in advance for your help!
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          I'm not sure what the question is except it appears like the update is failing on the specific machine.. I would verify that the update was failing and if so, fix the problem. (Check the VS Console/Autoupdate listing to see is it's updating correctly. Does it update correctly when you RIGHT click on the VS shield, choose "Update Now"? Things like that.) Is that what you're looking for?

          Hope this helps.

          • 2. event 258
            hi grif,
            I have the same problem as mac1106. I noticed this when right-clicked on "update now", and then, in the list that usually says "downloading dat" and "update finished" and else... it sayed like "update not applyed because of anknown error..", then I chequed in the errors (don´t know the excact name of the place) and found exactly what mac1106 pasted in here, (the 258 event).
            the question is: how can it be solved?
            because up to now, it was working fine.
            One thing!: I remember I blocked everything in the windows firewall recently, but then, because of this, i did the oposite with all the macffe items i could see in the firewall exception programas list, but maybe it has to do whit the problem, i don´t know, i have no idea. Can you or anybody help us?
            thank you!
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              Unfortuntely, you've told us very little about your computer.. Operating system and the specific version of VirusScan would sure help.. Which patch do you have installed on VirusScan? If you don't have the most recent for your version of VS, then please install it.. And if that doesn't help, then just a thought or two...

              Check to see if your "FrameworkManifest.xml" file is corrupt. If it's missing or corrupt, copy one from another computer and paste it into the problem machine. See the link below:


              Or...since this problem can also be caused by malware, please download, install, update, then run a full system scan using the free antispyware tool from the link below. Delete anything it finds.

              Antispyware Removal Tool

              Hope this helps.

              • 4. problem solved by itself
                Thank you for your help. The problem solved by itself, I tried to update later and worked. Anyway I read everything you wrote and I see and Im sorprised that there is people that take their time to help others for nothing in change. Thank you very much really! till next time..
                Fernando, Uruguay