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    Email protection rule

      Hi everyone,


      I want to use email protection rule to block sending tagged documents to specific domains. Is this possible to use this with recently version of Thunderbird or another free email client? I'm newbie but I figure it out that not all software are supported. Someone in my company before me used network protection rule but this causes problems. What I want to achieve is rule that allow sending all documents inside of my company and prevent from sending outside of it.  I don't have Exchange or Lotus Notes environment, just outsourced email-system with standard protocols. Do You have any ideas? Now I have mixed-environment but I can try deploy one standard email client. Thanks in advance.


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          You won't be able to achieve this using network communication protection rule.


          Because this rule works at network level and the connection is established between your machine and mail gateway, regardless of the destination, you won't be able to differenciate. The only rule that allows you to allow specific domains is the E-mail protection rule, which works only with Microsoft Outlook, or Lotus Notes.

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            Hi and thanks for the reply. I know that I can't achieve this functionality using Network rule. My question was about supported email clients. This is enough for me.


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