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    Virtual Technician Reporting False Problems

      Sorry if I am writing this in the wrong forum, but I'm not sure which program is causing me the problem, Virtual Technician or AntiVirus Plus, so I'm starting here.


      Whenever I update Antivirus Plus, I have gotten in the habit of running Virtual Technician right afterward, just to verify that AntiVirus Plus has updated all of its componants properly.  I've been doing this for years and have had no problems.  Or, if there were any, Virtual Technician took care of them without a hitch.


      Today is 10/17/2011.  Two days ago on 10/14/2011 I updated AntiVirus Plus and it seemed to update as usual, but when I ran Virtual Technician to check that the update was installed correctly I received the report below.


      Virtual Technician Report 2011-10-14.jpg

      It says that "Some problems could not be fixed", but doesn't actually say what the problem that counldn't be fixed is.  It just says there is a problem with "VirusScan - McAfee AntiVirus Plus 15.0.291" and lists the problem as "Problem ()". 


      I don't know why there is no problem listed between the parentheses?  It's just blank.  When Virtual Technician finds a problem it usually lists the problem between the parentheses.


      And, if I check the 'Problem Log' or the 'Diagnostics Log' there are no problems reported.  Everything is marked "OK".  See pictures below.


      Problem Log.jpg

      Diognostics Details Log.jpg


      Everything on AntiVirus Plus seems to be working properly, but I still wonder if it really is.


      I don't know if this is a problem with Virtual Technician reporting a problem falsely, or if there is a real problem with AntiVirus Plus?


      I tried using System Restore to go back to a point before the last update, but it didn't have any effect.  It still reported a problem without any description.


      I tried uninstalling Virtual Technician and reinstalling it, but it didn't have any effect either.


      Since going back to a System Restore point before the last update I performed, didn't have any effect, I believe it might be a glitch with whatever software Virtual Technician downloads in real-time, right before it does its check.


      The only thing I can think of left for me to try, is to use the McAfee Product Removal Tool to remove all McAfee products and then re-install, but I would rather not have to do this if I can avoid it.  Besides, if it is a problem with Virtual Technician, reinstalling everthing else wouldn't fix it anyway.


      I would like to know if anybody else is experiencing this problem before I proceed.



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          As long as SecurityCenter says you are protected I wouldn't worry yourself needlessly.  I can't remember the last time MVT gave my setup a complete clean bill of health.   However I'll bow to the superior knowledge of any of the technicians who may spot this.

          One thing I do know, always make sure you are using the latest version of MVT from http://mvt.mcafee.com - of course if the above was from the support page then it will be the latest one.


          Using System Restore can introduce issues, so always update immediately afterwards.


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            Hi i have the same problem with mvt it says there is a problem but does not list it, my security center says every thing is fine ?

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              It usually means MVT hasn't been updated and I would ignore it.  The only time MVT needs to be used is if SecurityCenter itself is reporting a problem.

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                Thanks very much

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                  You're welcome. ;-)

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                    Hi Lifeblood & alucard666,


                    Can you please provide us with the below information to take this to our MVT team for better clarification ;


                    Open McAfee security center ; Click on About and provide us the below information

                    McAfee Security center version :

                    Aff id:

                    McAfee Virus scan version :

                    DAT :


                    Version of your Internet Explorer :

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                      Yes, the copy of MVT I downloaded to do the re-install, was straight from http://mvt.mcafee.com. I wouldn't trust any third party copies. 


                      After I performed the System Restore, I uninstalled and reinstalled MVT, just to be sure there would be no issues, but it still reported the same false problem.


                      I'm surprised that you rarely get MVT reports with no problems.


                      If I remember correctly, I used to get reports with problems pretty often too, until I ran the McAfee Product Removal Tool, reinstalled everything, and then began checking after every update with MVT. 


                      Ever since I began checking after every update, I have had very few problems reported.    And, if there are any, they are fixed right away.


                      I think that is the trick, checking after every update.  If you ignore doing an MVT check for a long time, then products that might be having problems don't get fixed right away, when MVT is programmed to do so, and therefore, become unfixable later.


                      I think McAfee should just bundle MVT with SecurityCenter, so that when you perform an update, it automatically uses MVT right after the update, to check all products for any problems.


                      Are you aware of anybody else reporting this glitch?


                      I thought that if this problem that I'm having, was a problem with Virtual Technician, that there might be more reports.


                      This problem is similar to one I've seen before.


                      In the past, I have seen MVT flag registry entries as "Missing", when they really weren't.


                      Take the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\SystemCore", as an example. 


                      This hive is where the key "SystemCore" is supposed to be.  Well, I've seen MVT report a key like this as "Missing", because it was following the wrong path for the check.  Like "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\McAfee\SystemCore", for example. 


                      Notice that there was a typo in the path





                      "SOFTWARE" is missing from the second path.  So, of course MVT will report that it's "Missing", when it really isn't.


                      Most likely, when some McAfee technician was programming the check, he must have made a typo in the registry pathname that directs MVT where to check for the "SystemCore" key.


                      When this happened to me, I used Regedit to verify that the key was not actually missing.  Then, once I verified that it was not missing, I just ignored it.  And, within' a few days, it resolved itself.  Probably, because McAfee either found the typo and corrected it, or the next MVT check that was programmed, was lacking the typo, and therefore, fixed itself.


                      So, I'm wondering if the problem I described above, is something similar to what I am experiencing now.  That is, is MVT looking for some item associated with AntiVirus Plus, and not finding it, because it is accidentally programmed to look in the wrong place in the registry, or the wrong place on the PC, if it is looking for a file?


                      If MVT would provide some kind information about the problem, I could verify whether the problem is real or not.  But, the fact that it comes up blank, is puzzling.


                      Anyway, please let me know if there are anymore reports about this glitch, so that I can troubleshoot this from my end.




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                        Tracy Romine

                        Just wanted to let you know that I've forwarded this thread to our MVT development team, so if a more technical response is required, one should be forthcoming.  Also, and far less important but interesting, has anyone noticed the irony of the two main posters on this thread being named 'Lifeblood' and 'alucard666', which is '666 Dracula' in reverse? 

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                          The issue is fixed and you should not be seeing this issue anymore. Please let us know in case the issue still persists.




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