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    Emails From PayPal All Of The Sudden "Hanging Up"

      I had this same problem with all emails in Outlook 2007 a year or two ago, so I finally had to turn off all my email protection.  Everything has been fine since I turned everything off.


      Now, as of last week after an automatic re-boot (don't know if it was MS or McAfee) now all of my emails from PayPal literally lock up and I get the MS Outlook shows "(not responding)".  It locks up (or possibly is scanning on the backside) for up to a minute or so...unacceptable.  No other emails have this issue - only the PayPal emails.  Here is an example:

      "sendmail@paypal.com; on behalf of; Director@mountain.org" - it must be the sendmail@paypal.com that is the issue since that's the only consistent address and all the others are individual customers.


      Why is this happening all of the sudden?  Why is it just that one scenario (PayPal)?  How do I fix it...I already have everything shut off?