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    Compress Drive While upgradation

      Team Just need your response on below case.


      As EEPC does not support compressed drive but we have thousands of compressed systems which we need to upgrade.


      Can any one have an idea which can search the drive which is compress on the network ?


      I know most probably it is not possible to find out but i need expert view on the same.

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          you have thousands of systems with compression on the boot drive already running EEPC? As long as you are upgrading, and not migrating (ie, not going from 5-6) it will work fine, but you will not be able to install v6 on a compressed system.


          There's a function in the competitivecheck class of autodomain.vbs which will show you how to query a drive using WMI to see if it's compressed or not - you can do that across the network even.

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            In some cases i have read, compression is making issues while upgradation/synchronization. And even we faces the issues previously. So we dont want to take risk.


            We are upgrading from 5.1.5 to 5.2.5 are you sure it will not create any issues ?

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              it's not supported so I can't be sure of anything - but compression is only an issue during the creation of SBFS, so as long as you don't do anything that requires a re-creation, like an eBoot, or a disable/enable, you'll be fine.


              My advice would be to decompress the root dir of your boot drives - there's nothing in there that compresses anyway, and users should not be creating folders or storing data there either.