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    Upgrade both ePO and Windows OS

      I would like to upgrade current ePO 4.0 to ePO 4.5. However, one more requirement is to upgrade Window OS from 2003 to 2008 and I cannot do in-place upgrade.

      Can below steps be applicable?


      1. keep current ePO 4.0 and DB running on Windows 2003

      2. build new ePO 4.5 and DB with temp hostname and IP on Windows 2008 and configure all settings similar to current ePO 4.0

      3. shutdown current ePO 4.0, change new ePO 4.5 to old hostname and IP

      4. agent will communicate to new ePO 4.5, use IP sorting or manually move to group


      Will the agent-to-server communication still work??? Thanks.