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    Could not download siteadvisor firefox addon

      When ever I try to download siteadvisor addon for firefox (ubuntu) from




      I get a connection reset or timeout error! (note the https)


      Further, when I manually try to download the addon-xpi from the following location (download url reported by firefox)


      https://download.mcafee.com/products/sa/firefox/safe.xpi?cid=20209 (again note the https)


      I get ssl_error_bad_cert_domain error, where firefox reports an invalid certificate with a sha1 fingerprint D4:58:81:CF:2E:9C:37:26:A9:B0:2A:7E:0B:8D:D2:D4:4E:CF:C7:0F.


      Is there someother way to download siteadvisor addon for firefox SECURELY?

      Or am I supposed to necessarily download a security product using http only (and not https) and expose myself to MITM ?


      I remember this use to work sometime back, but now it doesn't! Is there something I am doing wrong?

      Is there an alternative to download & install siteadvisor addon for firefox securely which I am not aware of? Kindly suggest & solve my problem.

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