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    What admin level is needed to run the Safeboot command line tool? (SbAdmCl.exe)

      I need to run some commands like this:

      SbAdmCl.exe -adminuser:myNewAdmin -adminpass:myPassword -command:GetAdminLevel -user:someUser


      I am doing this in an automated way to check that users have been created and see they are at admin level 1.


      I am not able to run the commands with a full admin user (level 32). But I can get a special user created for me to be able to run these commands.


      So far I created a user at admin level 10, but whenever I run a command I get an error "ResultDescription = You dont have permission to access the object".


      What admin level should my new user have to be able to run this command?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!