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    Virus Scan Enterprise 8.5 & VirusScan Enterprise 7.1

      I have two different computers, one is my desktop compter which is running Virus scan 7.1. And the other is my LapTop and is running Virusscan 8.5. One both of these computers the Virusscan shows that the On-Access scan as disabled. I've attached a picture and circled what I'm talking about.

      Second thing I've noticed on both computers is that The Mcafee Virtual Technician says that my virus scan programs are not up-to-date. It found that my DAT's are out of date. The latest cumulative patch or service pack is not avaliable.

      For the common Management agent 3.6 needs a product update.

      But I have ran the updates and everything looks good. So I don't know whats going on or how to fix these problems. Please Help!


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          From your screenshot, it appears that your VirusScan is indeed Enabled. The line you've circled indicates what you would click on if you wanted to Disable it. If VirusScan was Disabled, that line would read "Enable On-Access Scan". Since this line appears greyed-out, it looks like you are unable to manually Disable it, even if you wanted to. Are you running a Management product (like ePO) that is providing settings for the workstations?

          As for the updating issue, please let us know what versions of DAT, Engine, and CMA you currently have installed.
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            In addition....As to the McAfee Virtual Technician issue, please note that VS 7.1 is NO LONGER supported and as such, will correctly show as not up to date.. You'll need to update the program to a supported version for it to be up to date.

            Hope this helps.