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    Antispam deactivated in Outlook 2010

      I have bought a Dell Inspiron 14R with McAfee Security Centerr 11.0.608, including McAfee Anti-spam 12.0.292 with licence for 15 months, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits.


        After buying the computer, I bought Microsoft Office Professional 2010, including Oulook 14.0.4760.1000 However, the McAfee Anti-spam tool-bar is deactivated and appears as a non-habilitated complement in outlook. When I select the add-in and activate it, normally works two or three sessions, but then, outlook crashes and says "a complement is causing a malfunction in outlook; you should turn-off the complement so outlook can work".


        So, anti-spam is not working and I am receiving spam directly to my inbox. I have tried to configure the protection directly to my POP/webmail Account, but it does not working. On McAfee Security Center main page appears that all protection is activated.


        How can I solve the incompatibility between Anti-spam and Outlook 2010? How can I configure protection directly to my POP/webmail account?