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    EEPC 6.1.2 Issues


      I upgraded my Test EPO servers extensions to EEAdmin and EEPC yesterday. I then checked in the EEPC Agent and EEPC Software I ran the LDAP/EEPC Sync Task and then pushed out the EEPC Agent and EEPC Software to a machine that was running EEPC Agent and EEPC Software The upgrade seemed to go smoothly however when I checked the MfeEpe.log on the client it was running in "Debug" mode when the policy is set to "Errors, warnings, and Informational. When I check the "Show Endpoint Encryption Status" on the client I see the "Creating Event to request data for local domain us..." and when I hit "Send Events" on the McAfee Agent Status Monitor nothing happens. Its like the machine cannot send its events to the EPO server. I have verified that the machine can communicate with the EPO server as well. Any thoughts? I am running EPO 4.5 Patch 5 ( and McAfee Agent


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          UPDATE: I pushed EEPC and EEPC Agent to another Windows 7 64bit machine that had installed and I got the same results it seems as though the EEPC Agent cannot send events to EPO. This machine is running McAfee Agent

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            Can you post a log?


            The log may be in debug since the policy has not enforced completely.....there is still an event that needs to be dispatched.


            Another question: what happens if you leave the machine for overr 5 minutes....do the events go up and the policy enforcement continue, or does it seem like the events are stuck on the client machine?

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              I would agree but why did the Policy Enforcement 4 hours to complete the "Sending Events"? (10:36AM to 2:45PM)

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                Ah that sounds like the client is behind a nat or firewall and the policy enforcement only completes thd next time the client dials in to epo....


                Ie the event has been sent up but the epo server cannit open a connection to the client.


                Do wake up agents work for thus machine?

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                  Wake ups from the EPO server to the machines do work. Everything was working just fine before upgrade so I don't think it is a Firewall issue. I have attached a log. Thanks!


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                    Thank you for the log file, I can't see anything in there.  Could you clarify if this a VM or real machine, as we have seen problems when the machine hosting the VM has the firewall on.


                    Also would you be able to repeat this again and provide a debug MfeEpe.log and the McAfee Agent log file ?


                    Many thanks

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                      I had a similar issue and (after a lot of troubleshooting with our third party support) we ended up adding an extra Agent Handler and this resolved it.  I think our main ePO server was just too stressed with all the new encryption work it was being asked to do. 

                      It took about a day for it to fix itself whilst the agent handlers balanced the clients between them. (we previously only had the main ePO server as the only agent handler).  epo4.5.4HF1

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                        These are all real machines.  I just installed EEPC on a third laptop and that machine did not experience any of the errors. So I cannot supply you with a DEBUG log of a machine that is experiencing this issue right now. If I do run across another one I will post it here. Thanks.

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                          We too are currently running just one EPO Server which is also the sole agent handler on our network. We do have Super Agents working as distributed repositories. The problems I am encountering are happening on my test EPO server and machines not my production environment. My test environment only has about 10 active machines on it so I would not think that the test EPO server would be stressed. Just out of curiosity how many nodes are you managing with your EPO server?

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